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Of Bone And Blood


Introducing Of Blood And Bone, a new series I’ll be starting alongside ‘Wild’ Erp. While Erp will be continuing for a long time, Of Blood And Bone will most likely only be a very short lived, quick to finish story. This one is set in the world of Ultima Online, a game I remember very fondly. There were a lot of things you could do in that game to role play, including building a camp.

Since I’ve been back the people have been great. I had someone take two hours out of their day to show me around and teach me all about the new changes. I’m in a great guild, and very surprised to be liking the game as much as I am after all this time.

Morrith is the hero of this tale, and he’s a noble born paladin returning to his home, a village just outside New Haven. That’s all you get tonight, but look for episode 1 up tomorrow.

‘Wild’ Erp: Episode 2: What We Lose 2


She told me her name was Fayne Doran, a blind seer who had been tasked by the vigil to bring the Ascended up to speed. I wasn’t wrong, I had been killed, and though I have never been a holy man, indeed I’ve done terrible things, the gods saw fit to bring me back to life. It wasn’t for piety that they chose me, but for power. Power I had, though I felt weaker than I had been, as though all the power had drained from my body with my blood when I died.


Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to Manifest Tale! Tune in soon for a new story set in the world of Rift. As a warning this site will be massively picture heavy. For that reason I will put a break in each post after the main image. If you just can’t wait, then click the Stories link near the top of the page and check out some of my older stories. Here is a preview of my newest character:

Meet “Wild” Erp