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‘Wild’ Erp: Episode 4: Hunt for a Traitor


I made my way as quickly as I could to the gates of the city. The undead wandered the streets but it was a small matter to stay in the shadows and remain undetected. Finally I could see the massive front gates of Mathosia, gates I had heard about in stories since I was a boy. They were broken and crumbling, guarded by only two men, a Mathosian and a Dwarf, neither of which looked like they were fighters. Suddenly the very earth shook, dropping me to a knee as a bolder slammed into the stone wall of the city only a block away, sending massive stones showering down into the streets.


‘Wild’ Erp: Episode 3: Blessings of the Gods

I slipped into an alley running perpendicular to the main thoroughfare, stepping from shadow to shadow until I came to a small street with a large contingent of undead shuffling about looking for their next meal. Glancing around I remember a smile spreading across my face when I saw the buildings around me. A large inn stood both on my side, and across the street. I checked the handle and the door swung open silently, so I stepped in and stopped, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness while listening for anything that would give away a potential problem. After a few moments of hearing nothing I quickly crept over to the stairs and ascended to the second floor. I made my way up the staircase, the wooden beams creaking softly underfoot, until I came to an open door. It was a small room, sparsely furnished with a straw mattress and a chamber pot. Through the open window I could see the inn across the street, and the window that lined up with this one. Taking a deep breath I suddenly burst into the room with a speed I rarely had need of. I leapt, planted a foot on the windowsill and flew out into the air between the two inns. The glass paned window rushed up at me, and a second before I hit it and alerted the entire street to my presence, my body was torn apart and I felt myself propelled through the glass, an odd feeling that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

I came back into the real world and fell into a roll in the small room. I stopped by planting my foot hard on the floor and listened for any noises. A scream pierced the air from the floor below, as if someone was being butchered. I crept to the door and opened it, careful to push up on the handle, lifting the entire thing the tiniest bit, but enough to prevent the hinges from squeaking. The hallway was dark, lit only by the light escaping from the first floor. The scream echoed through the building once more and I felt myself start walking toward the stairs. I stalked down them as quietly as I could and came out onto the first floor in a large reception room. It was destroyed, one of the walls having collapsed and taken part of the second floor with it. In the middle of the room was the source of the screaming, a skeleton staring at it’s bony hands.



Welcome To Manifest Tale

This post is to organize my stories so that you can read them easily in the order in which they were posted.


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Episode 3: Blessing of the Gods

Episode 4: Hunt for a Traitor


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